Delicious Sour

This is a classic cocktail that I quite often crack out for the request of ‘fruity, a bit sour’. Sure, you sound like a bit of an idiot explaining it’s called a Delicious Sour, not just that it is a delicious sour, but that’s about the only drawback. The original recipe stems from a chap called William Schmidt in 1892, who called for Applejack, rather than the now commonly used Calvados. Applejack is a) quite difficult to get hold of and b) not as nice as decent Calvados, so you needn’t concern yourselves – although if you can get your hands on Somerset cider brandy it makes a great alternative.

There’s some absolutely batshit recipes for this drink just a Google away, ignore them and do this:

Delicious Sour

40ml Calvados/apple brandy

20ml crème de peche

20ml lemon

10ml sugar

1 small egg white

Shake the ingredients hard without ice, then again with ice. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass, no garnish.